Beat the streak Picks of the Night 05/24/19

#5 Freddie Freeman

Freeman is 2 for 7 with a HR against  Mikolas this year. He is also 10 for 31 .323 with 4 Homeruns in his last 7 games and hitting .317 vs Righties and .362 at home this season. Freeman is hitting .319 against the Cards and hitting .341 at Busch Stadium in his career. Mikolas didn’t even get to finish the 2nd inning in his last start which he went 1 and 1/3 innings allowing 9 hits and lefties are hitting .289 against him this season. Overall I believe Freeman should get a hit or 2 against Mikolas as he has the upper hand in this matchup.

#4 Cody Bellinger

Bellinger is basically the best hitter in baseball this season as simple as that. I have a personal feeling Cody didnt hit well  against Tampa because of the the ballpark. But PNC Park is his type of ballpark. Regardless if he faces Brault or DuRapau he should get a hit. Bellinger is hitting .349 vs lefties and .421 vs righties this season so pick your poison. Belly is also hitting .366 on the road this season and has a 52.8% Hard hit contact rate this season and has yet to go hitless in back to back games this season

#3 Trevor Story

Story has hit in 11 of his last 12 games. He is hitting .300 vs lefties this season and .304 at home. Story ‘s hard contact rate is 48.2% this season and he is sitting on 99 career homeruns.  Facing the O’s tonight I really like he’s chances at reaching base safely.

#2 Nolan Arenado

Nolan, Nolan, Nolan the Lefty killer. Arenado is hitting .370 vs lefties this season, and hit.368 against them last season,  and hit .420 in 2017. I think you get the point. Nolan is hitting .355 at home this season and he has succesfully got on base in each game 1 of a series at home this season.  Nolan is currently riding a 3 game multi hit streak and has hit in 13 of his last 15 games. Definitely among my top picks tonight

#1 Trey Mancini

Jeff Hoffman is horrible I really don’t have to explain that. Mancini is hitting .285 vs righties this season and has a .337 away avg. I believe Coors should help that average a lot. Mancini also has a .348 BABIP this season which is very good coming into a hitter ballpark.  Look for Mancini to heat up this series.

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