On a beautiful warm July evening there is no better place to be then inside of an MLB stadium watching your favorite team play against a divisional rival. On this list we have included the top 10 foods from around the MLB that will make your perfect night even better.

#10) Going Yard Dog (LAD, Dodger Stadium)

The Dodgers are offering this gigantic 16.5 inch jalapeno cheddar sausage topped with grilled onions, roasted corn, avocado relish and a drizzle of sour cream for only $21.  Sure its a bit pricey but it’ll satisfy your hunger and it will make for a story you can tell people for the rest of your life. All in all buying one of these dogs is money well spent.

#9) Pink Peach Bellini Ice Cream Sandwich (SF, AT&T Park)

The venerable make-your-own ice cream sandwich makers at AT&T park are always making appearances on top food lists around the league, they’re like the New York Yankees of ball park venders, this summer they have come out with a peach champagne flavored ice cream that you can eat between two sweet pillowy waffles or between two of your favorite cookies.  (Many fans recommend their iconic sugar cookies.) This ice cream is undoubtedly a unique flavor that captures all the great tastes of summer in one bite.

#8) Stuffed S’mores Nutella Bites (NYM, Citi Field)

Who doesn’t like a good old flashback to our childhood when enjoying a melt in your mouth s’more. We guarantee that this s’more will be the best that you’ve ever had and will satisfy every sweet tooth in your body.  This s’more is a graham wafer dusted french toast shell filled with Nuttella, marshmallow fluff and dark chocolate chunks drizzled with a unique maple syrup glaze and topped off with a perfectly cooked marshmallow.

#7) Dulicinea Ice Cream Churro Sandwhich (NYM, Citi Field)

Citi field is on the list for their Churro sandwiches, if you are a churro lover you haven’t lived until you’ve tried this wonderful Citi field combination.  Churro bites, salted banana caramel ice cream, oreo crumble, and drizzled with latins finest “Dulce de Leche” which is equivalent to america’s finest caramel. This makes for a delicious treat on a warm summer day.

#6) Banana Splitter  (BOS, Fenway Park)

Imagine this…. It’s a hot summer day and your in the stands at Fenway Park watching your Boston Red Sox beat a division rival…. There’s only one thing that could make this day better…. An icecream sundae! Boston’s iconic ice cream sundae comes with vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream all beneath hot fudge, a sliced banana, whipped cream, and a cherry, this is a must have whenever attending a game at Fenway Park.

#5) Funnel Cake Poutine (TOR, Rogers Centre)

Any time you take in a game at the Rogers Centre you’ll see someone walking around with one of these things that looks like heaven on a platter and are instantly jealous that they have one and you don’t.  We’re here to let you know what they are so you can finally go buy one yourself. The base of this amazing creations are deep fried funnel cake fries topped with caramel and dark chocolate drizzle and we can’t forget the whipped cream and marshmallows.  If you don’t buy one of these delicious treats you’re missing out and only getting half of the Rogers Centre experience.

#4) The Elvis Jabberdog Brownie (TEX, Arlington Park)

The Texas Rangers really hit this one out of the park, this is a ginormous two foot long brownie rolled in rice krispy crumbs and dipped in funnel cake batter before being deep fried to a golden brown and topped with whipped cream and chocolate sauce.  Unfortunately this desert packs a heavy punch in the calorie department and is only available if the Rangers make the postseason, but that isn’t holding us back from putting it atop the list!

#3) Shipwreck Sunday (PNC Park)

Mmmmmmm, Im getting hungry just looking at this ice cream masterpiece. The Pirates have Combined classic dark vanilla ice cream with marshmallows coated in a smooth milk chocolate and dusted in salty graham wafer crumbs.  What makes this item even better is that it is served in a signature Pirates souvenir helmet to add to the ball park atmosphere.

#2) Dback Churro Dog (ARI, Chase Field)

The Diamondbacks released this desert all the way back in the 2017 season and its been a staple in the stadium ever since.  The dessert features a churro rolled in Oreo cookie crumbs in the middle of an iced long john donut topped with three scoops of vanilla yogurt, strawberry sauce, whipped cream, chocolate sauce and more Oreo crumbs. This churro has become famous around the baseball world and is well deserving of its spot at second best ballpark food in the league.

#1) Chocolate Strawberry Swiss Roll (KC, Kauffman stadium)

This delicacy looks like it could be featured on Masterchef, its appearance is beautiful and according to many online reviews it tastes as delicious as it looks, this chocolate sponge cake, swirled with raspberry jam and white chocolate mousse, rolled in a savoury milk chocolate coating is something that you can’t pass up on when taking in a ball game at Kaufman stadium.  It is undoubtly the #1 ballpark treat that you should try this season.

We hope you’re able to try all of these throughout the 2019 MLB season, on behalf of unbeatablebaseball, Bon Apetit!