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2019 World Series Prediction: Washington Nationals

Now, lets be honest, this will be the hardest prediction I make all season long and if the Nationals are even able to make it through the second round of the playoffs I’m going to be pretty proud of my pick. I contemplated picking a favorite to win like the Astros since they have by far one of the deepest systems in baseball, but saying this, if we assume Houston will be the best team in baseball we can fill them in as our #1 seed but since 1969 only 12 #1 teams have won the world series including the Red Sox in 2018 so the odds of the #1 seed winning this year is extremely slim. When you first look at the Nationals roster the first thing that pops out is the depth of the rotation, Scherzer is arguably the best pitcher in the league and has some of the sharpest breaking balls in the business, according to fangraphs if Scherzer can stay healthy he is set to have another year and be the ace on a team that is looking to make a deep run into October. Scherzer is backed up by Strassuburg, Corbin, Sanchez and Hellickson. In all honesty I am not a huge fan of Scherzer because of his average BB/9 rate and his inabilty to consistently locate low in the zone however all 30 teams in the league would love to have Strassburg in the second slot of their rotation. The rest of the rotation is fantastic, I love the addition of Corbin and think he is the missing piece to the puzzle come playoff time, Sanchez hasnt shown consistency yet in his young career but so far in the spring he has looked sharp and has huge upside this season pitching in Nationals Park and to be able to call Hellickson a fifth seed starter is a dream come true for any manager.

Next I tend to look at the dynamics of the lineup, I dont like to pick lineups full of heavy sluggers or full of newly aqquired superstars (Sorry Phillie fans). If you look at the past winners of the world series they all have similar amounts of leadership, grittyness, young guns, speed, and underated superstars. The Nationals fill each of these critereas and have the ability to play with the long ball but then switch it up and play some small ball when the playoffs roll around. Anthony Rendon will play a key factor into the Nationals success this season but if he gets red hot I think the Nationals can go on a long winning streak.

The final factor for the Nationals is their bullpen. You know the classic saying “Offence wins games but defence wins championships” this will sum up the whole season for the Nationals, they may not have the most powerful lineup but come the seventh inning the Nationals bullpen will lock the game up. The three main studs in the pen are Doolittle, Rosenthal and Barraclough. This will be Rosenthals first season back from Tommy John so all eyes will be on him and although hes looked a little shaky early on I think he will settle down and be a key setup guy for Doolittle. The Nationals picked up a few key pieces over the winter including Tony Sipp who will act as a lefty specialist out of the pen and I believe his experience will help some of the other younger guys in the pen.

Overall the Nationals had an extremely strong winter and made alot of key pick ups and some how managed to not disrupt overall team chemistry. Time will tell but as of right now the Washington Nationals are my pick to win the world series.

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